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Personal 1-2-1 Training



Our Personal 1𦌽 Training can help you address specific problems or can be very useful if your dog finds the close proximity of numerous dogs and a confined training hall to be stressful. This may be the case with lack of early age socialisation as can often be the case with some rescued/rehomed dogs.


Time restraints may mean you are unable to attend classes so we can offer home training courses as well if that helps you.


Some clients also like to spend an hour at home or in the New Forest addressing specifics such as recall training or preventing dogs worrying ponies and stock.

Chrissy also deals with Canine Behavioural matters and can recommend a programme for you to follow to help both you and your dog.

Chrissy with our then three Labradors

Summer, Crunchie & Rosie, who is now running free over Rainbow Bridge!

Canine Off-Roading!




Labrador/Golden Retriever

owner needs to know!





We received the following comment in an email from Clare who had trained with us previously. This endorses a real need to be able to act in an EMERGANCY!



揟onight we had an emergency. My husband was out running with our dog on lead alongside the main Ashurst to Lyndhurst Road which was busy at the time. They have regularly run this route but on this occasion, in dark conditions, our dog, James, managed to run the opposite side of a lamp post from my husband and as a result the lead was pulled out of his hand. Any one who knows James, knows that he gets easily 'spooked' and is likely to run off wildly and is totally unaware of any road safety.


My husband remembered the training and gave the command 'stop' with hands raised and, 'lo and behold', when needed, he responded and froze until my husband was able to walk up to him and pick up his lead.


Although we stopped going to Cara dog training some time ago, we have continued with the exercises and remembered Chrissy's advice about the 'stop' command and it's importance. Thank goodness we took heed otherwise tonight could have been so different!


We love our dog 'to bits' and are so glad for Cara's excellent advice!


Clare, Dave and Elliott


We received the authors prior permission prior to publishing this verbatim!

We are not going home surely?

We have only just started to get dirty!