Care And Reward Assisted Pet Dog Training & Behaviourist


Improvers & Fun!


We make training more fun for you both in these very relaxed social classes with the introduce of some simple tricks to stimulate your dogs brain.


Dogs learns how to work on and off-lead whilst having to ignoring other dogs and food as well as developing other skills such as Sit-Stays & Down-Stays from both distance and even with you being out of sight!


There is Scent & Retrieve; Send-Away’s; Close Controlled Off-Lead work and some light indoor agility work perhaps?


How about training your dog to put its’ toys away — oh yes you can!


Good Manners and Obedience are still very important but by making it fun to train, you and your dog will enjoy each other more!






her dogs

Betty & Breeze!

Chrissy (Cruela Deville) with as many of the 101 Dalmatians as she could find at Sway Village Carnival.

The things we dogs do to please them!

It is not all lead-work, sits & downs!

Chrissy with our Crunchie Dog!



Happy Dogs Train!