Care And Reward Assisted Pet Dog Training & Behaviourist



Our advanced classes are available to anyone who wishes to take their training to an even  higher level but still wants to enjoy the social fun part of their dog training.

Dogs need to be reliable when working off-lead as most work is of that standard so handler/dog control should reflect this.

This is particularly important when training “multi-dog out of sight timed stays”, “multi-dog recalls” and other group trained exercises.

It’s impressive seeing four dogs performing a “diagonal cross-over recall”, all at the same time and a compliment to their temperament's as well as to the handlers skills as well!



Tarot the young Jack Russell with Jacqui practicing her “Peek-a-Boo” routine!





Been on the “Falling Down Water”  again?


Karen and her dog Becky practicing their “mirror image” routine!



Arthur Anticipates his Doggy Birthday Cake!




Becky says ..


That picture on the left of mum practicing the mirror image with me is so embarrassing!


We hadn't had a drink, I promise!”



Happy Dogs Train!