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Getting it RIGHT may be easier, if you consider the guidelines below!
How wonderful to re-home a dog from a responsible rescue centre, it is very rewarding indeed!  The vast majority of dogs are perfectly re-homeable and the success rate nationally is very high. Whilst there maybe issues needing care, these should be covered during the adoption process so that you, the adopter fully understands what you are taking on and most importantly, how to integrate a rescue dog into your family and lifestyle. 

We meet and help many owners of rescue dogs; we have had them ourselves, but just occasionally we see the wrong dog in the wrong home.

This can usually be avoided by TAKING YOUR TIME!  
However, you must be sure to ask as many questions as you possibly can and be fully satisfied with the answers before agreeing to take a dog into your home.

The Rescue Centre should be able to provide answers to most of these kinds of questions!

	Can you see warm/cool kennels with comfortable bedding, toys & excellent hygiene?
	Does the centre provide for the dogs’ physical and psychological needs?
	Do the dog kennels have indoor space & free access to outdoor runs—at all times?
	Are all dogs walked daily & have free running in exercise pens daily?
	Are dogs temperament tested & assessed by knowledeable staff before rehoming takes place?
	Do the Rescue Organisation rehabilitate & retrain the dogs?
	Do all dogs have basic manners taught?
	Is there a FULL HISTORY about the dog? 
	If a stray, what has the centres assessment shown with regard to temperament & sociability?
	Do they fully vaccinate, micro-chip, neuter & health check each dog?
	Do they socialise dogs together where possible?
	Do they use equipment to retrain dogs eg., headcollars, harnesses, muzzles etc?
	Do they offer advice for any problems when in the new home?
	Do they ask you to get to know the dog through several visits, prior to adoption?
	Do they insist that your existing dog is happy with the new dog and all the other members of your 	        		family?
 	Are you asked questions about dog ownership and your lifestyle?

You also need to know ....

How old the dog is?
How many homes has the dog has previously had?
What was the age bracket of the previous owners?
Why is the dog being re-homed?
What was its’ former lifestyle?  (This may be so very different to yours.)
Has it come directly from a residential home?
Has it any history of aggression towards other dogs, adults or children?
Has the dog ever bitten anyone?
Does it really get on well with cats and or children?
How does it walk on-lead? (The only true way to find out is to lead walk it!) 
Will my family be able to exercise the dog or could it be too strong to walk with?
Is the dog currently receiving any form of medication and if so, for what and for how long?
Will I have to carry on with any medication?
What training and/or commands has the dog received and responds to? Testing the dog is the only way!
Is this really a family dog or one man dog for life?

This must be a head ruling your heart decision!
If you have any doubts, walk away ..... there is always tomorrow!

If you need help and advice our number is 01590 683529

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