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Text Box: Getting it RIGHT will be easier, if you consider some of the guidelines below. They may not all apply in each individual case but are designed to focus your mind!
Re-homing from a responsible rescue centre is very rewarding and the vast majority of dogs are perfectly adaptable and the national success rate is high. Whilst there maybe issues needing care, these should be covered during the adoption process so that you, as the adopter, fully understands what you are taking on and most importantly, how to integrate a rescue dog into your family and lifestyle which is probably totally different to what the dog has been used to. 
We have met and help many owners of rescue dogs; we have had them ourselves, but just occasionally we see “the wrong dog in the wrong home.”
This can be avoided by TAKING YOUR TIME and LETTING YOUR HEAD rule your heart!  Just because you have always had a particular breed, don’t think they are all the same – every dog is different!

Consider your present age and personal life style and honestly ask yourself “How will I be able to cope in 5/10 years’ time?  Maybe a smaller breed would be better now?
 A Rescue Centre should be able to provide most of the answers but some you can answer yourself using your eyes and ears! You must be sure to ask as many questions as possible and be fully satisfied with those answers before agreeing to take a dog into your home.

· 	Can you see warm kennels with comfortable bedding, toys & good hygiene?
· 	Do the dog kennels have indoor space & access to outdoor runs?
· 	Are dogs exercised daily?
· 	Are dogs temperament tested & assessed by knowledeable staff before rehoming takes place? 
· 	Do they socialise dogs together where possible before re-homing as part of assessment?
· 	Do the Rescue Organisation rehabilitate & retrain any dogs?
· 	Is there a FULL HISTORY about the dog. 
· 	If a stray, what has the centres assessment shown with regard to temperament & sociability?
· 	Do they fully vaccinate, micro-chip, neuter & health check each dog?  Ask to see evidence of this.
· 	Do they offer advice for any problems when in the new home?
· 	Do they ask you to get to know the dog through several visits, prior to adoption?
· 	Do they insist that your existing dog is happy with any new dog introduced and all members of your family are at one with a rescue dog?
·  	Are you asked questions by the Rescue Centre about dog ownership and your lifestyle?
You also need to know ....
· How old the dog is?
· How many homes has the dog has previously had?
· What was the age bracket of the previous owners?
· Why is the dog being re-homed?
· What was its’ former lifestyle?  (This may be so very different to yours.)
· Has it come directly from a residential home?
· Has it any history of aggression towards other dogs, adults or children? 
•Did they use any equipment to retrain the dog eg., headcollar, harnesse, muzzles etc?
· Has the dog ever bitten anyone?
· Does it really get on well with cats and or children?
· How does it walk on-lead? (The only true way to find out is to do it!) 
· Will I and my family be able to exercise the dog or could it be too strong to walk with?
· Is the dog currently receiving any form of medication, if so, for what and for how long? 
•Are the dogs Medical History notes available to be sent to your Vet?
· Will I have to carry on providing medication or will the rescue meet those costs?
· What training or verbal commands does the dog responds to? Testing the dog is the only way!
· Is this really a family dog or one man dog for life?

Ask yourself – “With over 200 breeds to choose from, “is this really the right breed and age of dog for me?” 
Be honest with yourself, are you able and will you continue to be able to offer sufficient exercise and stimulation to the dog now and more so, in 5 or 10 years’ time?  

Remember, its not just the dogs that grow older, we do as well!! 

Your head MUST rule your heart!
Your common sense is paramount, not your tugging heart strings!

This must be a head ruling your heart decision!
If you have any doubts, walk away ..... there is always tomorrow!

If you need help and advice our number is 01590 683529

Rescue Dogs

Having been involved in rescuing and rehoming dogs over the years both privately and as an Area Co-ordinator for The Labrador Lifeline Trust (since retired now) we have seen many dogs in lovely homes which is so very rewarding!


However, we have also seen many cases of “wrong dog in wrong home” which often leads to those dogs being rehomed again!


Everyone wanting to offer a dog a home can avoid the stresses, strains and heartbreak by being very honest with themselves and by asking just one question.


“Is this the right breed and age of dog for me?”